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Recommended by 21 people
Recommended by 21 people
This table is amazing. I was able to experience it both in person and also remotely for several sessions. I found that it was incredibly...  Read more
Jun 18, 2024
m feathers
I would love to share my experiences with Miss Lisa and the quantum wellness bed. I have found that the bed works within the body on a very deep...  Read more
Jun 6, 2024
Jacke Carter
I'm feeling the most aligned feet to head with zero pain, in my life. Yesterday I got to receive the healing from the quantum energy healing bed...  Read more
May 22, 2024
Diana Ingemanson
I have been a patient of Lisa's for about four years now. I first started seeing her when I was at the end of my rope, and did not know where to...  Read more
May 21, 2024
Aly Witkowski
Lisa’s great and her body work is amazing! I noticed improvement after two visits. Highly recommend! She really cares about her clients and makes...  Read more
May 7, 2024
Granger Smyth
Wanted to take a moment to leave a 5 Star review for the Quantum Wellness Energy Bed. I loved my experience and the way it made me feel. I would...  Read more
May 2, 2024
David Travel

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